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in Mississippi, Louisiana, & Alabama

You have questions. You want answers from a spiritual perspective... but you keep hitting dead ends.

At this point...

  • You're questioning whether or not God can actually help you.

  • Which spiritual practices can help you?

  • If God is real, why don't you feel close to Him even though you're seeking Him?

  • How can you realistically incorporate spiritual principles and practices into your daily life?

Go from confusion to clarity.
the right counselor can help.

Spiritual Counseling

Can Help

Explore and solidify your beliefs in a space free of pressure or judgment. 

my approach to spiritual counseling is founded on a firm faith and humility:

A belief that truth endures forever and, as one body, we were designed to support and learn from one another. I'll help you achieve the spiritual growth you want, tailoring each step along the way to your unique beliefs, needs, and circumstances. I won't push my beliefs on you, but provide as much guidance as you desire while making space for you to discover the truth of your own experiences.

stop going through hell.
make love, joy, & peace, your reality.

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